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At Mark Croft Solicitor I offer a Private Client Quality Service at Affordable Rates.

I am no longer VAT registered so fees do NOT include VAT and there will be No Vat charged to you regarding my fees.
The fees that I charge do however reflect my vast experience of dealing with Road Traffic Criminal Cases in Magistrates Courts all over the country and can be summarised as follows.

Initial telephone or e-mail advice regarding your case or query is FREE on the first occasion.

Cases and advice on matters that can be dealt with in absence, that do not require my attendance at court: Fixed Fee £650

This service will include advice on Fixed Penalty matters and all Road Traffic cases that do not require my attendance at court or the police station. This includes postal guilty pleas prepared and submitted on your behalf.  This service will include the following:-
·       Up to 2 hours of attendance, preparation and advice on your matter.
·       Considering the evidence.
·       Taking your instructions.
·       Letters & Telephone Calls.
·       Providing advice on procedure and likely sentencing outcomes, including where appropriate, advice on any special reasons or exceptional hardship applications that may be relevant to your case.
To be clear, this service and fee would not cover me to personally attend at court to represent you.


Cases involving a court attendance at Derby Magistrates Court for a guilty plea: Fixed Fee £750

If your case is listed to be heard at another Magistrates Court, I will provide you with a fixed fee quote as soon as you let me have all of the details of the case. The range will be from £750 upwards depending on how far away from Derby  your case is due to be heard. The fee will also include the same services as under the heading ‘Derby Magistrates Court.’
This fee includes:
·       2 hours attendance/preparation.
·       Considering evidence.
·       Taking your instructions.
·       Letters & Telephone Calls.
·       Providing advice on likely sentence.
·       Attendance and representation at a single hearing at Derby Magistrates Court.
The fee does not include:
·       Instruction of any expert witnesses.
·       Taking statements from any witnesses.
·       Advice and assistance in relation to a special reasons hearing/exceptional hardship application.
·       Advice or assistance in relation to an appeal.

Not Guilty Pleas involving a Trial, Special Reasons Hearings or Exceptional Hardship Applications at Derby Magistrates Court.
Fixed Fee from £1,200 upwards, dependent upon the length and complexity of your matter.

·       If you provide me with full details of your case and the court where it is going to be dealt with, other than at Derby Magistrates Court, I will provide you with a fixed fee quote.

The fee charged for a Not Guilty Trial, Special Reasons hearing/Exceptional Hardship Application will include the following.

·       All attendance and preparation.
·       Considering the evidence.
·       Taking your instructions.
·       Letters & Telephone Calls
·       Providing advice on every aspect of your case, including the likely chances of success and strength of case against you.
·       Advice on all aspects of the trial procedure in and out of court.
·       Advice on any likely sentence if we lose the trial.
·       Advice in relation to an appeal.

I will undertake all of this work myself, so that you will have the benefit of my vast experience at every stage of your case.
Please note that in certain cases we may need to instruct an expert witness to support our case. The expert’s fees are NOT included in my fee quote. I will provide a full breakdown of these additional costs for you so that you can take this into consideration as the case proceeds.
Please also note that in the event of our Not Guilty plea being successful and us winning your trial, due to the Defendants Costs Regulations we can only recover a portion of your legal costs set at Criminal Legal Aid Rates. This means that unfortunately in all such cases, we can only expect to recover less than one third of the costs that you will pay to me.
Further details about this will be included in my client care letter which will be sent to you when you instruct me to deal with your case.
If you require any further information about my fees please do not hesitate to contact me and they will be supplied to you.

Please note that I do NOT undertake any Legal Aid work.
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